About Us


RENT A ROOM was established in 2018 as an independent letting agent, specialising in the management of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in Coventry & Nuneaton, run by Lucy Reah and Russ Dyble.

Lucy had established a successful property sourcing business (Central Sourcing Ltd), finding suitable investment properties for individuals wanting to invest in HMOs. Lucy and her team, source, project manage and refurbish the property ready to operate as an HMO.


Why did we set up RENT A ROOM?

Early in the business, Lucy identified weaknesses in the various local letting agents, mainly as a result of their split focus between sales, family lets, students and HMO management.

Having decided to set up RENT A ROOM to address this need, Lucy recruited Russ – a HMO-landlord with a property portfolio in the East Midlands and experience of mentoring and coaching investors to grow and effectively manage their portfolios.

Together they surveyed landlords with existing HMOs around the UK to find out what frustrated them about their existing service and designed RENT A ROOM to meet these needs.


Our growth and future plans 

Since then, the company has grown and now has a number of full-time letting and admin staff, a part-time project manager to oversee the design and dressing of properties and 4 people in the cleaning & maintenance team.

We have a team small enough to know and care about each property and the tenants – but large enough to have a great mix of skills and personalities.

Our aim is to provide great quality accommodation to the house-share market at an affordable price for tenants which still gives investors as great return on their investment.


Our ethos – happy landlords, happy tenants

We understand that you’ve bought your HMO primarily as an investment and that it needs to perform financially. We have structured our service and pricing to give you as much predictability as possible.

We insist properties are well-presented and that any issues raised by tenants are addressed quickly and fairly – but this leads to a higher quality tenant and the benefit of high occupancy levels, fewer voids and low arrears.